Is your teen Struggling to figure out post-high school life?

wouldn't you love to be able to help your teen while maintaining your own sanity?

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Are You Ready To Get Real Career Information and Guidance

That empowers your teen AND you?


PSSG is a unique program that provides help and guidance from a seasoned career educator and advisor with more than

16 years of experience working with

youth, parents, guardians and educators.

Teens shouldn't be expected to make major life decisions

without guidance and support.

And parents shouldn't be expected to provide that support

without quality information that is current and helpful.

That's why this program is designed for families.

How does it work?

Postsecondary Study Group is a self-paced program supported by

one-on-one coaching sessions and weekly group office hours.

Each week's videos and activities will take you 1-2 hours to complete and you can complete the program at this pace in six weeks.

Program Contents:

Week 1: Program Foundations and Introduction to Career Planning

Is it really just about finding the thing that you love to do? What does a meaningful career even look like?

Week 2: Finding Quality Career Information

Learn sources of quality market information, how to use social media as a research tool and the simplest, most direct way to get career info.

Week 3: Postsecondary Pathways

Get detailed info on the major pathway options after high school: university, community college and apprenticeship.

BONUS: did you know you can mix and match different pathways?

Week 4: Postsecondary Success

As many as 30% of students withdraw from postsecondary studies, wasting time, money and energy. Learn how not to be one of them.

Week 5: Moving from School to Work

A look at how to build your resume without burning out as you get closer to landing your first grown-up job.

Week 6: Long-term Career Mode

Defining long-term career success and figuring out how to handle the random challenges life can throw into your career.

Parents and teens will each meet with

a career advisor twice in the program.

Your career advisor can help you stay on track,

will help you work through questions and challenges,

and will provide valuable support and insights

in a safe, confidential environment.

And because we know life happens,

you'll have access to all program materials for TEN WEEKS.

What Will It Cost You?

Working with a career coach, counsellor or advisor is pricey!

2 hours per week for 6 weeks = $1500

Assessment tools with expert analysis = $500 or more

Workbook with activities and tracking tools = $100

Total cost: $2100 minimum!

Postsecondary Study Group is different.

It's structured to make it as accessible and affordable as possible.

Your total today:


(including taxes)

it's time to drop the old attitudes about careers

Having your life planned out by the end of high school

stopped being an option several generations ago.

Between technology, the economy and demographic changes,

today's teens have many more career and education options

available to them.

And in today's world, having a university degree doesn't even

guarantee making a salary above the poverty line.

Let's give our kids the best information available,

and the courage and confidence to make career and education

decisions that fit them.

Help them find as many ways as possible to bring out their gifts and skills

and allow them to have a positive impact on the world.




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